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2023 Photo Gallery

A quick rundown of what we have been doing this year

Brian Hotchkies - October 2023

Jaybees 39th Birthday - May 2023

Our birthday was very special.  We had a lot of visitors and club members attending.  Many thanks to the callers who joined Mike. Laurina and Pat and helped make it a fun night for everyone - Howard, Ralph, Peter, Jaden, Janice and Julie.

2301 Aust Day (1).jpg

We started the year with an Australia Day theme.  Mike and Laurina were all over the singing calls and everyone had a lot of fun dressing in Australian outfits.  There were plenty of flags around the hall celebrating all our cultures.

It was a good Aussie supper, with pies and sausage rolls, lamingtons, and vegemite sandwiches.  We love our suppers!!  

The Learner dancers were not forgotten and we had an hour before the mainstream started to walk them through their paces.

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