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The club began as Jaybee Squares on 16th May 1984, when Jack Burgess took over Graeme  Breydon’s club in Chapel Street, St Kilda. The new club, which derived its name  from Jack’s initials, prospered for some time at St Kilda until the hall was  demolished and the dance moved to Glenhuntly. The move resulted in the loss of  some regular members so a beginners' class was conducted but without great  success. Then a demonstration dance was conducted at the Wheelers Hill Uniting  Church hall with such success that Jack was asked to  organise regular dances  there. He did this on a fortnightly basis. At the same time, the Glenhuntly  based club was not progressing as desired so members agreed to close this club  and establish the dance at Wheelers Hill.

The new club was established as the Jaybee Square Wheelers Square Dance Club on 10th  June 1987 with a significant difference in that a committee administered the  club with members having the final decision in all Club activities. The club  flourished until September 1988, when Jack had a heart attack and died. This  was a big shock to the club, which could have folded, but the committee decided  to keep dancing utilising the talents of various callers until a permanent  replacement for Jack could be found.

On 16th May 1989, Mike Davey took over as caller and the club has not looked back.  The  dance moved from Wheelers Hill to a church hall in Glen Waverley and then to  the current home at Notting Hill. It now operates with the best square dance  caller, Mike Davey, the best round dance cuer, Pat Saunder, and an effective  and enthusiastic committee of dancers.

In 2007 a new family arrived to learn to dance - Colin and Lesley Collyer brought their young daughter, Laurina.  Little did we know that within a few years, Laurina would learn to call under the guidance of Mike.  With her amazing voice and friendly personality, it wasn't long before Laurina joined Mike and Pat as a member of the calling / cueing team.

Mike and Laurina conduct regular square dance  beginner classes and plus classes.   The Club dances mainstream each Tuesday evening with a few  rounds. Birthday and Christmas party dances and other special events are  conducted. Non-dance outings are also arranged and the dancers are proud to be  members of a great club.

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